40 Glocc Speaks About Game Incident

40 Glocc Speaks About Game Incident

by / Comments Off on 40 Glocc Speaks About Game Incident / 2 View / July 9, 2012

— — —  40 Glocc spoke to VladTV about the fight that occurred between he and rapper Game this weekend. He revealed that he won’t be pressing charges, but admitted that there were firearms involved in the incident–though no one pulled any triggers.

“I was more shocked [that] the bitch-ass n***a chased me down with the pistol and didn’t squeeze,” 40 told Vlad. “I had to talk the n***a up out of it, [saying] ‘Don’t do this.'”

“Me, I don’t give a f**k; I ain’t pressin’ no charges…that sh*t ain’t nothin,'” 40 added. “You gotta take an L in certain situations.”

“My motto is ‘If you don’t got a gun and they got some, you better run,'” he continued, before hinting at retaliation. “You gotta get ready for the repeat.”

“Thank God the n***a didn’t have a tad bit of me in him,” he said. “I’d be dead right now.”