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In addition to more than 200 live performances, the annual A3C Hip Hop Festival October 11-13, 2012 provides extensive educational and professional development content. There will be close to two dozen panel discussions on topics including marketing, publishing, production, media, touring, legal and more.

A few of the confirmed panelists include industry professionals such as DJ Burn One, Wendy Day of Rap Coalition, Ray Daniels of R.A.Y.D.A.R. Ent., Steve Collins (Music & Film Clearance, Warner Brothers Ent.), Grammy-nominated producer Willy Will, Shawn Barron (Director of A&R, Atlantic Records), DJ Smallz and WillPower of SupaHotBeats.

Confirmed panels include “Where’s My Check?”, “Rags to Riches”, “Road Rules”, “What’s the Hook?”, “I Rock a Mic but Don’t Rap”, “The Balance”, “The DMCA Took My Baby Away”, “Are Pub Deals Right for You?”, “I Probably Blew Out Your Speakers”, “What’s Your Spin on It?”, “Run That Back” and “Does Regional Sound Still Exist?”.

The “Where’s My Check?” publishing panel will address questions like how to get paid, what is a split sheet, establishing safeguards and how to create licensing opportunities.

Fashion is a critical component of Hip Hop culture. The “Rags to Riches” streetwear entrepreneurship panel will offer insight on the development process and tips from burgeoning entrepreneurs.

The “Road Rules” touring panel will point artists in the right direction on decisions like whether to hire a separate tour manager, how, when and where to book shows and suggestions for touring abroad.

Receive pointers on finding your niche from the “What’s the Hook?” marketing and branding panel.

Get a pulse on the Hip Hop journalism industry in the “I Rock a Mic but Don’t Rap” print and digital media panel.

Discover the pros and cons of a consistent stream of free projects versus pushing one solid compilation in the “The Balance” mixtape marketing panel.

The DMCA Took My Baby Away” panel on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act outlines the law and how to protect yourself.

Are Pub Deals Right for You?” details the benefits and downsides of a publishing deal.

Gain insight on building a successful production career from the “I Probably Blew Out Your Speakers” producer panel.

The “What’s Your Spin on It?” DJ panel will reveal how DJs have achieved their own brand identity.

The “Run That Back” engineering panel will discuss current industry challenges.

From Bay Area hyphy to Texas chopped and screwed, this panel begs the question “Does Regional Sound Still Exist?” and what is next?

These panels are just a few of the events that will take during the 2012 A3C Hip Hop Festival in addition to performances from more than 200 artists including Twista, CunninLynguists, Gunplay, Hopsin, Phil Ade and a special appearance by Yelawolf.

Festival tickets are available on the A3C website and attendees are encouraged to purchase tickets early. 3-day passes are $33 until July 31, 2012,

Specific showcase, panel, artists and event updates will continue to be announced on through the start of the festival on October 11, 2012.