ATL Rapper @SonnyDigital Accused Of Attempted Rape

by / Comments Off on ATL Rapper @SonnyDigital Accused Of Attempted Rape / 10 View / June 27, 2017


Sonny Digital is an American artist, and I use that term very loosely. Not.only is he verbally abusive to women but he is also being accused of attempting to rape a female.

With his track record for aggression towards women as early as a few hours ago where he can be seen on twitter calling a woman who asked him to stay away from her repeatedly verbally attacking and degrading the woman while his followers take part. One even responded to the accuser that she was not pretty enough for Sonny to rape… wow

Twitter is crazy so who knows what will come of this nasty accusation as of right now Sonny is making things much worse by harassing women in public.