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Animated Bars: Killer Mike Penned the Intro for Marvel’s Hip-Hop Covers Collection

Killer Mike has certainly turned himself into a pop-culture fan favorite. One half of the group, Run the Jewels, has interviewed Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, appeared on CNN to defend #BlacklivesMatter all while maintaining his music career. Killer Mike is…

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Still Shot

Gringo Gang (@GringoGang) “Prank Out” (Video)

Hailing from Indianapolis, IN the Gringo Gang is a group of artists with eclectic styles, lifestyles, and music sauce.  Spacedad (co-owner of clothing line VictoryMFG), Mason Presely, BPZ (formerly of the Group “Sno” w/ Lil Wyte & JellyRoll), J-Mo, Shawn…

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Sy Ari Da Kid (@SyAriDaKid) “T.L.C.” (Video)

SlumLord Sy Ari Da Kid dropped the long-awaited video for his track, “T.L.C.” Sampling the groups hit, “Creep” Sy gives his own spin to love and such. Check out the video below

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In The Moment: #TheFreestyleExperiment (Video)

Atlanta is a city with that’s full of action. There’s always something to do, no matter what the time, no matter what the day. That goes double if you’re talking about the music scene. Open mics and showcases are an…

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Can’t Put My Finger On It..: Abraham Lincoln’s Hand Stolen From Museum

We know that thieves are willing to steal pictures, sculptures, almost anything out of a museum that they can sell on the black market. You never think that a body part would be hustled on the dark net. Per The New…

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Navelle Hice (@NavelleHice) “Love Yourz” Freestyle (Video)

TLP artist Navelle Hice takes out the selfie-stick for the last to shoot another freestyle. Check out his freestyle over J Cole’s “Love Yourz” Peep the video below

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2016 Coachella Lineup Announced: Calvin Harris, Guns N’ Roses, Ice Cube And More Set To Perform (Photo)

  Coachella announced their 2016 line-up today. This years edition is pretty heavy on rock and light on rap. Per E! With little to no warning, fans quickly learned that Guns N’ Roses will reunite and headline Saturday night. But…

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Word of Mouth Radio

Nitty Scott MC (@nittyscottmc) Talks Kendrick Lamar, R. Kelly And More With Word Of Mouth Radio (

NYC’s own Nitty Scott took a trip to the Word of Mouth radio station to talk with the team about working with Kendrick Lamar, R. Kelly’s past, her own sexuality and her new single and more. Stream her episode below…

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Wretch 32 (@Wretch32) x Avelino (@OfficialAvelino) “Young Fire, Old Flame” + “Hulk Hogan” (Video)

I like checking out who’s hot in other areas. One of the spots I check in for on the regular is London. Since I visited the city back in 2000, I’ve wanted to keep up with their hip-hop scene. Since…

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“Trying To Get My All-Star Rating Up”: Hassan Whitehead Lets An Announcer What He’s Here For (Video)

Miami Heat center Hassan Whitehead is part of a new crop of centers in the league along with Andre Drummond and Demarcus Cousins who are keeping the traditional big man position alive. This year, Whitehead is playing way above the…

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