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Bale – “Greater”

For South Central based rapper Bale, every day is a blessing. You wouldn’t know it if you saw him, but less than a year ago Bale spent 29 days in the hospital after suffering 28 shots from head to toe…

0 Comments / 2 View / July 24, 2017

D Valley & Cam The Mac – “Dreams Come Tru”

Proving that Hip-Hop in the Northwest goes well beyond Macklemore and Sir Mix-A-Lot, rappers D Valley & Cam The Mac have emerged on the Seattle rap scene with a different take on life in the 206.  Representing the Central District, also known as the…

0 Comments / 4 View / July 20, 2017

Video: Hardaway ‘Messy’ – @hardaway1k – @enew901

When was the last time you heard a summer hit that sent a shot of turnt up vibes through your body? If it’s been too long, then you’re going to like this song. Whether you plan on soaking up rays…

0 Comments / 3 View / July 19, 2017

Red McFly – “Max B” (Freestyle)

Red Mcfly has been known for showing love one of his musical inspirations Max B throughout the years and today he keeps the wave alive by releasing the music video to “Max B Freestyle” he even has Max B speaking…

0 Comments / 4 View / July 19, 2017

Charles K. – “Red Tape”

Dallas, Texas native Charles K. fresh off his latest single “Ya Motivation,” the rapper dropped in for a quick Q&A on music, motivation, and mastering individuality. His upcoming album, The Red Tape.

0 Comments / 5 View / July 19, 2017

Tone Eyeful – “Open Season”

For all emcee’s half-stepping here’s your warning: Tone Eyeful announces it’s open season with his latest single. The aptly titled track serves as a brooding proclamation from the artist next up out of Connecticut. On the nearly three-minute track,”Open Season”…

0 Comments / 2 View / July 18, 2017

AlBee Al ft Loso Loaded – “Regular”

Jersey City native, AlBee Al is known for his gangster street lyrics and his hustler spirit, both in and out of the studio. To celebrate the summer, AlBee Al will be releasing new music, videos and content every Friday this…

0 Comments / 6 View / July 18, 2017

Chris Webby – Little Man

Chris Webby continues his content barrage with the release of his newest single “Little Man” Over the past 3 months Webby has dropped a new song almost every week it seems & this week is no different. Produced by frequently…

0 Comments / 2 View / July 18, 2017

Chad B. ft Tyron Vasquez – Let’s Groove

As Chad B. prepares for the release of his project, Ear Candy; he recently shared the visuals to the 2nd single, “Let’s Groove”, directed by Prime Prodigy Films. In the video we can see Chad as a frustrated worker, yearning…

0 Comments / 4 View / July 18, 2017

Hank MCcoy – “Love Me Today, & Leave Me Tomorrow”

Hank MCCoy drops his video “Love Me Today, & Leave Me Tomorrow” with a female, a nice car and Summer vibe.

0 Comments / 5 View / July 18, 2017