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Carolina Panther’s Josh Norman Fined By The NFL For His Salute To Veteran (Photo)

The NFL has a funny way of supporting a cause. Recently, the league caught flack from breast cancer awareness supporters for their handling of DeAngelo Williams and his special ode to his mother. The league that can’t shoot straight has…

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Kristaps Porzingis’ Game-Winning Buzzer-Beater vs. Hornets Ruled No Good (Video)

All those Knick fans who boo’d Kristaps Prozingis when his name was announced as the #5 pick, I bet you’re pretty happy so far. The European import has averaged 10 points a game so far and has looked every bit…

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Treach Talks About Eminem Being Influenced & Intimidated By His Lyrics & More (Video)

Naughty By Nature front man Treach made a name for himself back in the 90’s for his raunchy, in-your-face lyrics. For more than a decade Treach has been shocking the hell out of listeners. Now, he’s shocking listeners again. In…

1 Comment / 52 View / November 11, 2015

11-19 Industry Mixer

Schweinbeck Industry Mixer 11/19 Department Store

Monopoly Present: Industry Mixer  Location: Department Store, 467 Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30312 Music by: DJ Blak Boy Date: Thursday, November 19th, 2015 Time: 10pm-2am Hosted by: WizKidMont   Performances: JT of A1theSuperGroup Damar Jackson Maui Max Jonah Cruzz 550 Madoff Nesha Nycee…

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University of Missouri Professor Who Confronted Photographer Quits Journalism Post

The University of Missouri campus is very much divided right now since the resignation of the school President. Now, a professor at the school is now under fire for the handling of a journalism student trying to cover the protests….

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Mizzou: Online Threats Heighten Tensions At University of Missouri

Since the resignation of it’s school President after days of protests, the University of Missouri has been a powder keg ready to explode. Since last night, threats made online have made students and faculty hesitant to return back to the…

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E1Don (@E1Don) “Satisfaction” (Video)

My man E1 has been promising to release the visual for his song “Satisfaction” for a while. Well, it’s finally here. After teasing us with a trailer last week, we finally get the full video. This is the first track…

1 Comment / 7 View / November 10, 2015


Azealia Banks Cancels U.S.Tour

Harlem native Azealia Banks can’t seem to get out of her own way. After finally wrestling her album away from Interscope, she looked like she was on her way for becoming as famous for her music as she was for…

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Antonio Smith Jr. Gang Members Thought 9-Year-Old Boy Was Warning Rival Gang Members

The family of 9-year-old Antonio Smith Jr. can rest a little easy know that the people who killed her son are behind bars. Per Chicago Tribune: At a news conference, Superintendent Garry McCarthy lauded the help of the community in…

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MadFreshDaily (@MadFreshDaily) Presents “Mad Fresh In The Streets” (Video)

We’re big fans of Madfreshdaily over in these parts. The website launched by veteran journalist Nadine Graham, the site focuses on everything new in the hip-hop culture. The Madfresh brand has given birth to two other ventures. Madfreshbabies for the…

1 Comment / 29 View / November 9, 2015