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Miscelanyus – “Talk About Me”

G-Man Entertainment ‘s First Lady Miscelanyus releases her first single “Talk About Me,” produced by T-Rifik, off her upcoming project ‘Sweet 16.’ The video shows a different side of the gritty female lyricist. “Talk about me” is available everywhere music…

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M. Jean M. – “FLAIR”

“FLAIR” the latest audio offering from Houston rapper/songwriter M. Jean M. In a week the independent club banger has already generated nearly 3,000 plays. The track was recorded at Atlas Production’s 9020 Studios and produced by Gamble Productions. Download: M….

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MajorBaby – “SLAPDASH”

MajorBaby returns with his first project ever in the form of ‘SLAPDASH.’ Holding production from Bighead, David Walker and more, ‘SLAPDASH’ is a gritty, small taste of what’s to come from Major. The idea behind ‘SLAPDASH’ came from wanting to…

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Aaron Knight – “Side Nixxa”

Aaron’s new single, “Side Nixxa,” dropped on June 15th and has already amassed more than 100k streams on Spotify and 115k streams on Soundcloud. Give it a spin and let us know what you think!

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S-Class – “Problems”

Up and coming artist S-Class hits timelines with his new video “Problems.” Give it a spin and let us know what you think!

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HT Playa – “Regular”

HT and his friends started the time for greatness movement to inspire up and coming Cleveland youth. HT is hungry and poised to be one of the artists we hear about in the near future! HT Playa just released his…

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Young Mic – “No Play”

Young Mic’s newest single “No Play” is creating some serious waves this summer among all dance-hall fan. On this record Young Mic is giving a ”feel good” vibe. The Montreal native twist his style with this reggae-flavored R&B jam with…

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Tairey ft. Project Pat – “Barking”

The Pittsburgh, PA based Tairey has been making a lot of waves lately with the release of his album ‘DreamWorld.’ On his new single “Barking” Project Pat assists with a conversational flow and warns about all of the folks watching…

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PG Nava – “Only Regret”

Fresh off the release of his debut mixtape ‘Different Type of Swag’ in January, PG NAVA is focused on living his dreams as an artist and moving people through music.Unlike most new comers, PG NAVA’s message focuses on perseverance and…

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Laroche -Build a Family

Laroche on “Build a Family”: “I wanted a song about love and starting a future together. I also wanted an upbeat Motown sound that gives you that feeling of endless possibilities. [My Ex-Fiancee and I] had different backgrounds/cultures and we…

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