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Rhyocid – “Calm B4 The Storm”

Rhyocid hits timelines with his new project entitled ‘Calm B4 The Storm.’ Give it a spin and let us know your thoughts on it!

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Brandon Thomas & Luca – “Lifestyle”

“U Guessed It” producer, Brandon Thomas, is back with a new album he produced with Luca. It is a mix of r&b vibes mixed with lo-fi trap drums. Brandon sings about girls, new friends, heartbreak and more. Definitely sounds like…

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The RastaBroz – “Onion”

The Dallas-based rap trio known as the RastaBroz are back today as SighRocSpliff and Space Jefe team up to bring their standout track “Onion” to life. Directed by Majestic Montage, Sigh and Space’s clever rhymes and lines combine for a…

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Kid Evo – “goodbye Liana” & “All In The Way”

Houston’s Kid Evo has had a lot on his mind, a whole album’s worth as it turns out and recently it premiered on HipHopSince1987, along with a brand new video for “All In The Way.” The album, “Goodbye Liana” is…

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Pete Santos – “Odd Nights”

You may note a certain worldliness about Pete Santos’ music, and you would be correct. It comes courtesy of his travels growing up as an Air Force brat. So, although he can list the likes of ODB, Kanye, Outkast, Lecrae…

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Geaux Yella – “KHOcaine”

Baton Rouge street narrator Geaux Yella breaks out his softer side on the title track to his soon-to-be-released project, “KHOcaine.” A recent signee to El Jeffe Music Group, Yella has been steadily making a name for himself since his stint…

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Boston George – “D Boy” Ft. K Digga

No project named “Blow Talk” would be complete without a song called “D Boy” and far be it from Boston George to disappoint. This time he grabbed fellow trapper K Digga for that Bama stamp with Orbit Didit behind the…

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GRIZZ – “Hot Air Balloon”

GRIZZ is back with another knockout visual, this time for a brand-new track entitled “Hot Air Balloon.” It’s a moody, slow-burning cut that shows off his knack for melodies and his thoughtful lyricism, which all blends for a sharp track…

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Jones – “Glory”

Florida’s hip-hop scene has built a reputation for booming bass and distorted 808s, but one of the newer names starting to bubble is taking on a whole other path sonically. Jones has been making noise down south for his potent…

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BOREGARD ft. King J. – “Outta Bounds”

BOREGARD is back with his new visual to “Outta Bounds,” featuring Atlanta rapper King J. Give it a spin and let us know your thoughts!

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