B. Scott Sues BET For $2.5 Million (Photo)

B. Scott Sues BET For $2.5 Million (Photo)

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BET might be in some how water over how they handled the B. Scott situation.

For those how don’t know, transgender media personality B. Scott was asked by BET to be a red carpet corespondent for the recent BET awards. Right before she was to hit the red carpet, she was asked by BET to change her attire. The issue stemmed from Scott wanting to wear heels, ones that BET approved before hand according to Scott. Scott would eventually change into a whole new outfit and appear on the red carpet to do her job, but was quickly removed. She wasn’t seen for the rest of the show.


Scott’s fans took to twitter to ask what happened to her. Eventually Scott would make a statement saying what happened. The next day, BET issued an apology to B. Scott for what happened. Everything seemed to have calmed down, until today.

TMZ reports that B. Scott will be suing BET for discrimination. Scott says he was humiliated and suffered damage to his reputation, claiming BET is guilty of discrimination based on gender identity as well as sexual orientation.

He wants $2.5 million minimum from BET.

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