Barack Obama Named Time Person Of Te Year

Barack Obama Named Time Person Of Te Year

by / Comments Off on Barack Obama Named Time Person Of Te Year / 2 View / December 19, 2012


Congratulations are in order for President Barack Obama, again. After winning what was supposed to be a tight race for re-election, Barack was named Time magazine’s Person of the year. In a write-up, Time said

“Ever since the campaign computers started raising the odds of victory from near even to something like surefire, Obama had been thinking a lot about what it meant to win without the lightning-in-a-bottle quality of that first national campaign. The Obama effect was not ephemeral anymore, no longer reducible to what had once been mocked as “that hopey-changey stuff.” It could be measured — in wars stopped and started; industries saved, restructured or reregulated; tax cuts extended; debt levels inflated; terrorists killed; the health-insurance system reimagined; and gay service members who could walk in uniform with their partners. It could be seen in the new faces who waited hours to vote and in the new ways campaigns are run. America debated and decided this year: history would not record Obama’s presidency as a fluke.”

Now lets see if we can do something about this fiscal cliff.