Black Mafia Family Informant Arrested

Black Mafia Family Informant Arrested

by / Comments Off on Black Mafia Family Informant Arrested / 19 View / August 21, 2012

Omari Lateef McCree, a former member of the notorious Black Mafia Family who turned informant, has been arrested and charged with battery. He is accused of beating two women, an associate of his girlfriend whom he reportedly punched in the face and slammed to the ground, and his girlfriend herself–whom he alleged hit when she tried to break up the altercation.

McCree, 32, was able to make a $2,500 bond but is currently being held at the Fulton County jail due to violating his parole. He was convicted in 2005 of cocaine trafficking. €œRegardless of the bond status, it is common practice for a parole officer to place a parole hold on an offender, a€ Georgia Pardons and Parole Board spokeswoman Rita Rocker said. “Parole warrants are non-bondable.

He served five years of a 15 year sentence and was released last year. He signed a confidential source agreement with investigators who were looking to bring the BMF organization down. As a result of McCree and other informants, more than 150 individuals were indicted.

The incident with the two women allegedly began when his girlfriend’s friend walked into their apartment through an already-open door. McCree reportedly began tapping the woman in the forehead, asking “You don’t live here, do you?” When she protested, he began to assault her. When the authorities arrived, McCree told police he was injured, revealing scratches on his face.