Emory Launches Ebola Preparedness Website

by / Comments Off on Emory Launches Ebola Preparedness Website / 8 View / October 21, 2014

Emory Wheel

Emory Wheel

Emory Hospital is getting a head start on trying to find ways to get people prepared for a possible Ebola outbreak.

Yesterday, the university launched a website detailing how it successfully cared for three Ebola patients.

the hospital built a website for other hospitals to refer to should they find themselves with an Ebola patient.

The Emory Healthcare CEO said the website takes information from the CDC and other health organization and breaks it down to explain how Emory uses it to treat patients.

The website includes information on how to screen patients at hospital entry points and confirm diagnoses, as well as protocols for treatment, protective gear, waste management, clinical laboratories and other potential complications.

Read more about the school’s new website here