Eye See You In My Mentions: The Best Kristen (@Catfish_Kristen) Tweets From Last Night (Photo)

Eye See You In My Mentions: The Best Kristen (@Catfish_Kristen) Tweets From Last Night (Photo)

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Many people were tuned into MTV’s  Catfish last night.

The show that takes you into the lives of people who are in online relationships, has become a huge hit, especially online (ironic huh). Last night’s episode followed the online love affair between a guy Mike and and a young lady name Kristen.

Despite living less than an hour away from each other, the two had never met before this episode. After a lot of back and forth, the two eventually would meet face to face. When they did, Mike wasn’t happy with what he saw when he met Kristin.

Normally, that would be the end of the story, but thanks to twitter that wasn’t the case this time. Twitter found Kristin’s twitter and the slander commenced. This time though, the catfish wasn’t gonna let people take over her mentions.

Take a look at some of the great tweets from Kristin last night

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  2. Kristen your beautiful & have a great spirit. Never let the mind of the weak empower your life. We all are judged even myself. If you continue to allow people to intervene with negative comments, you’ll miss the real reason of why your here. No one can replace the gift of life. Its always someone going through worse but all we can do is pray, love, and continue to press forward. Take care & you can join me on Facebook

  3. I was also hit by a semi. My life went from being happy to thinking about death every day. I am a mother of three boys. Because I lost my job and my car insurance not paying my bills, I moved 90 miles away to my grandmas house. Because of this I now see my kids on the weekends. I want you to know, you are not alone. I feel like this show will help me know that I am not alone also. I live in Michigan. I must say that the UofM sticker was a little nasty. Go green!!! I however am proud of the fact that you can pop your eye out for the world to see. With all my Love!!