High Life Clothing Crew (@HighLifeCC) Breeds The “Under Achiever ” Rebellion out of Alabama

by / Comments Off on High Life Clothing Crew (@HighLifeCC) Breeds The “Under Achiever ” Rebellion out of Alabama / 38 View / July 8, 2014

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A new clothing line coming of of Alabama has rebellion on it’s mind.

High Life Clothing Crew is a brand founded on seizing the pleasures of life with unquenched tenacity. Founder Earl P. James, fashions his company towards rebellious individuals building their destinies brick by brick. But there is often a dark side to such relentless ambition. HLCC introduces the second collection inside the Under Achievers line, “Alter Ego”.

“Alter Ego” summons the starved and deprived talent buried in the shadows of every city, township, burrow and suburb. The collection features natural hues of forest greens, granite grays, deep-sea blues and marigold. Phrases embodying the warrior lifestyle of the Under Achievers such as “Hunt or be Hunted” and “Radical Militia” adorn the soft cotton tees and tanks accustom to the ready to wear functionality of High Life Clothing Crew.

In every rags to riches tale it is easier to praise the glitz and glamour of finally obtaining success but Earl P. James values the untraditional beauty hidden exclusively in the hardships of life. “Alter Ego” glorifies the battle wounds and small triumphs defying the odds and building the latter climbing to the High Life.

The “Alter Ego” Collection of the Under Achievers line is currently available at HighLifeClothingCrew.com.