“Honey’s a good girl”: Nas speaks on Kelis to Funkmaster Flex

“Honey’s a good girl”: Nas speaks on Kelis to Funkmaster Flex

by / Comments Off on “Honey’s a good girl”: Nas speaks on Kelis to Funkmaster Flex / 12 View / July 17, 2012

— — —  Nas revealed during an interview with Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex, that his ex-wife Kelis did not initially react well to his decision to use her green wedding dress on his Life Is Good album cover.

“I think I told her about two weeks before it went out. Work was done. Two weeks before it went out,” he said. “At first, she was like, are you dissing me? I was like, come on man, we grown. There was a time when it was turmoil but I’m not trying to play you and just showing what people know. They know we split. The divorce was public, people knew about it.”

He also said that he felt she was vilified during their contentious and well-publicized divorce.

“Honey’s a good girl and she just caught a bad rap in the whole thing. It wasn’t fair, though. I love people that ride with me, because people had to split sides. Her friends had to go with her, my friends… But at the end of the day, I think they were too harsh,” he said. “It’s in a better place. It took a while to get there. Of course, you only see what the media put out there. We had some of the biggest divorce lawyers in L.A. It shouldn’t have happened like that. We didn’t know any better. i wanted to handle it outside of court, and when you’re dealing with divorce sometimes and there’s a lot of anger and hurt, you don’t want to hear what the next person is saying. You just think that person is trying to take you down, so you go and get the best representation you can get. What we realized later, we didn’t have to go at it like that. We in a much better place, thank God. We’re in a much better place.”