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“It’s A Joke”: John Wall Comments On Being Behind John Wall In NBA All-Star Voting

by / 0 Comments / 53 View / December 28, 2015

via Bleacher Report

via Bleacher Report

The NBA season is still fairly young. That hasn’t stopped star players from bickering about who and who doesn’t deserve an All-Star nomination.

Last season, Washington Wizards point guard John Wall was a slam dunk choice to a spot on the Eastern Conference team. Wall led his Wizards to a promising season last year. There was even mentions of him in the MVP race.

This year, it hasn’t be the same. The Wizards have struggled early in the season. Wall has done his part, averaging a career high in points and assists.

It’s no shock that when he sees the early All-Star ballots and he feels like something isn’t right.

Wall is more than 35,000 votes ahead of Wall in the All-Star vote. Now, we know that the starters are voted in by the fans, so a lot of “who’s hot at the moment” comes into play. Never the less, Wall aint hearing it.

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