@KeyshiaCole Takes Offense To “Bow Down”

@KeyshiaCole Takes Offense To “Bow Down”

by / 1 Comment / 3 View / March 18, 2013


I don’t normally report on what people tweeted, but Keyshia Cole is another case all together. This isn’t her first time jumping on a computer to voice her issues about her fellow singers in the R&B world. Today, she aimed her wrath at Beyonce and her new song  “Bow Down/I Been On.” I guess, she feels like the song was targeted at her. Check out her tweets


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  1. […] Keyshia Cole hasn’t been the only critic of the new Beyonce’s single “Bow Down/I Been On,” Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has joined the bandwagon as of late. Limbaugh took her to task for what he called her doing a “180″ from her Pro-woman stance. […]

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