Liv Wants To Apologize To Beyonce (Video)

Liv Wants To Apologize To Beyonce (Video)

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Rapper Liv, the woman who claims she’s slept with the very-married Jay Z, decided to apologize to the hip hop icon’s very famous wife, Beyonce. Hollywood Life reports that Liv decided to say sorry for her side chick ways.

“I would tell Beyonce the drama is unintentional, the respect is real. If you listen to the song, you’€™ll understand why I came out with the story. I’m not sorry, it happened, but I’€™m going to express my story in my songs. I do apologize for how you feel I love her and respect her. The reason I didn’t go there and pursue something with Jay is because of Beyonce. It’s not intentional to hurt her or embarrass her or put her business out there.”

“I know [Jay] is watching and paying attention. I personally don’t have any issues with them. I’m starting an invasion movement,” she added. “My whole movement is just I’m basically taking hip hop and saying I can make it better. But you have all the artists f*****g each other it’s no longer about putting out good music, it’s about who is f*****g who.”

Watch her original interview where she speaks about her relationships with Jay Z and Diddy below


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