gives a platform for artists, djs and fans gives a platform for artists, djs and fans

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Artists, djs and fans looking for information about the music business and how to promote their projects have a new place to go to. Log on now to become eligible for prizes and special deals available only on


MuzikTalk.Com is a full service company that provides artist, dj’s and fans with opportunity to discover new music, as well as help by providing tools and resources (information about festivals, events, showcasing opportunities, licensing and publishing/song registration, etc) to build their from the ground up and grow their fan bases around the world.

Our company is focused on bridging the gaps in the industry as well educating people getting into the business. We plan on building a one stop music community where people can network, hear new music, trade playlists, etc.

Currently, is  running contests and giveaways as we move towards our go live date

All @Muzik_Talk members who have pre-registered @ will receive a free @Muzik_Talk t shirt, email us your size and address. The 10 people who can get the most members to pre-register @ will each win a pair of Monster Jamz headphones! The contests will run from October 1st to October 15th.

@Muzik_Talk will also be doing additional giveaways for our members & followers including free shirts, books about the music industry & more

Soon, MuzikTalk is also adding a BookClub to our Muzik101 section, where we will feature industry material, as well as e-books and articles we feel will educate people in our business and help them advance in their careers with the information we provide. They will be giving Donald S. Passman’s All You Need To Know About The Music Business to our 500th follower.

As our numbers go up on Twitter and our members increase on our web site, we will have more surprises and bigger giveaways and contests.

Log onto and follow the sites founder Mr. Lirix at and