Name Drop: “Gucci” Most-Mentioned Brand In Hip-Hop, New Report Says

by / 0 Comments / 61 View / October 3, 2014

Hip-hop has always been a great tool to push products and brands. Motorola, Adidas, Air Jordans and Versace all owe a great deal to hip-hop for their years and years of endless free promotion.

One company might owe more than the others.

The website PicClick took a look at the relationship between brands and hip-hop artists recently. After endless hours of searching around, they discovered that “Gucci” was dropped the most by rappers.

The Italian fashion giant sits on top of all the brands thanks to the tireless help they got from  Jay Z, Lil Wayne and Nas. They were cited as the acts who had the most name drops.

Nike sits at number two followed by Prada, Versace and Chanel.

Read the full numbers break-down here 

Source: Music Times 


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