Navelle Hice (@NavelleHice) “Hopeman” Freestyle (Video)

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Via YouTube

Via YouTube

Back in the day, I met this kid named Chiefy at a Bar Exam event. He had a cool style about himself. That style flowed through him when he got on stage and performed. The kid had talent.

Then he went missing from the scene.

One day, while at The Freestyle Experiment I run into Chiefy. There was a difference about him this time. It didn’t take too long for him to explain the difference. The rapper previously known as Chiefy was now going by Navelle Hice. Gone was the talk about girls and money. Now, he was dedicated to a higher power.

A near death experience brought him closer to God, which brought him to give his life to Christ. Since then, he’s been going by his government name and he raps about his life, since his death to the flesh.

He has a new project out to introduce the rest of the world to Navelle Hice. And don’t think that because he’s walking down a different path, that he can’t still spit it with the best of them.

To prove that point, Navelle grabbed his selfie stick and cut a video of him adding his own flavor to Drake and Future’s “Jumpman”. Check out his “Hopeman” video below.

And grab his new self-titled mixtape here

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