Now Hiring: JFK Airport Is Hiring Ebola Screeners

by / Comments Off on Now Hiring: JFK Airport Is Hiring Ebola Screeners / 7 View / October 21, 2014

Ebola Screening Starts At O'Hare Airport

I guess the Ebola scare has a good side to it I guess.

The New York Post is reporting that JFK is looking for new screeners to deal just with the Ebola epidemic.

The New York Post reports that the screeners will work in connection with Customs, Border Protection and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. They will be stationed at terminal 4 and will need to get close to each potential patient and take their temperature.

Health officials state that the screeners will use no-touch thermometers to try to find passengers with fevers by using “infrared temperature guns.”

So far, 91 passengers at JFK were pinpointed as having a risk of being infected with Ebola. Although no passengers were found to have a fever, five of them were sent to the medics for further evaluation.
Republican representative Tim Murphy expressed his concerns about the new measures at a congressional hearing on Ebola. He feels that the system is “flawed because people can mask symptoms with ibuprofen or simply avoid the airports which has installed screenings.”

The position pays a whopping $19 an hour.

Source: Black Insurance News