Rihanna Sued By Funeral Home (Photo)

Rihanna Sued By Funeral Home (Photo)

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Rihanna is facing a lawsuit after arranging for her grandmother’s funeral.

Rihanna’s grandmother, Clara Brathwaite died in June, 2012.  Her body was sent to Barbados for burial. Rihanna didn’t want a somber situation for her funeral. Rihanna asked for a party, complete with tents, multi-media large screens and huge exotic floral arrangements

After everything was done and her grandmother was laid to rest, Rihanna was handed a bill for $150,000. Rihanna has paid only about a quarter of that and refused to pay more.


According to the lawsuit, Rihanna thinks the bill was too high and refuses to pay the balance. The funeral home counters that what Rihanna asked for wasn’t cheap

Source: TMZ


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