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In The Moment: #TheFreestyleExperiment (Video)

Atlanta is a city with that’s full of action. There’s always something to do, no matter what the time, no matter what the day. That goes double if you’re talking about the music scene. Open mics and showcases are an…

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5 stories, 1 dream

Event: “5 Stories’ 1 Dream” Concert At Apache Cafe April 12th (Photo)

This coming Saturday, 5 artists will hit the stage to share their shared dream with the world. “5 Stories, 1 Dream” features up coming acts Phene, Poke Chop, Na!ra, Civil Writes and Ness Lee. Hosted by Mic x Sic and…

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Evan Barlow (@EvanBarlowMusic) “Trials to Triumph” (Video)

Evan Barlow (@EvanBarlowMusic) “Trials to Triumph” (Video)

Evan Barlow is a hip-hop and pop artist from Richmond, Virginia. He draws inspiration from the likes of Tupac and Justin Timberlake. With songs such as “Triumphant”, Barlow sends a message of hope and redemption in his music.  “Ride” and…

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#GetFamiliar: The Bar Exam Showcase (@BarExamOpenMic) Returns With Ante Meridian x Grey (Photo)

#GetFamiliar: The Bar Exam Showcase (@BarExamOpenMic) Returns With Ante Meridian x Grey (Photo)

Atlanta’s premier monthly artist showcase, The Bar Exam goes down this Friday at Apache Cafe. If you’re not familiar, prepare to get familiar! Aside from a slew of dope underground talent, headlines Ante Meridian and last months showcase winner Grey will be…

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