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Mal Forte ( @MalForte_) Releases Official Music Video “Take Ya Time”

  This week Florida rapper Mal Forte released the official music video for his single “Take Ya Time” from his upcoming mixtape Best Known Unknown 2 hosted by Bigga Rankin. The video, shot in Miami will soon be featured on BET. Rapidly emerging rapper/singer Mal Forte is…

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Music: Marquiese ‘Ice Cream’ – @marquiese_ s/o @Enew901

Mixing urban, r&b & pop bringing you a tropical vibe. Marquiese uses his melodies and wit to create music that makes you feel happy , music that makes your feel like your having a great time. Listen to Marquiese as…

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Music: Murc Heist ‘Ready To Ride’ – @murcheist

A Message From Murc Heist: My new track, it’s kinda like a ode to the south in the summer time, it was inspired by 8ball & MJG & UGK, 2 of the South’s legendary groups. It was produce by alabama…

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Music: Fatz Geronimo ‘David Ruffin’ – @fatzgeronimo_ @Enew901

David Ruffin…best known as a member of the elite singing group the “Temptations”. The song titled after him is a bit of a homage payed to him and his part played in the group. The idea came to me after…

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Music: G-Rod Releases New Excellence EP @sourmuzicbeats

G-Rod is set to release Excellence EP, a 7-track project filled with his latest instrumental work. This is a follow up to his Sour Muzic instrumental series. This time around G-Rod kept to his original boom bap style, while incorporating…

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Music: Gonzoe ‘Happy Birthday’ @ImGonzoe (Early Leak)

Here is your first look at a early leak. Today we bring you the latest project from West Coast Solidified Artist Gonzoe, The project is titled “Happy Birthday” and it features 15 tracks. Enjoy

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Music: Produkt ‘Man Down’ @ProduKtJRG

NYC emcee Produkt releases his new single “Man Down” and he is not holding anything back. He has a lot of ammo ready for his competition. “Man Down” is packed with hard-knocking beats and is a warning to everyone who…

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Music: G.A.R. ‘Leatherband’ – @officialGAR

Tune Tank Entertainment presents the latest music release from up and coming mc G.A.R. The title of this new release is Leatherband. Give it a listen, G.A.R is has a very solid bounce to his music.

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Music: Joe Smith ‘Cynicism’ @ArtistJoeSmith

New Music: Joe Smith ‘Cynicism’ – Words from “My inspiration behind Cynicism was a result of my journey, up to this point in my life, both as an artist and a business man. I unconsciously put my trust in many…

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Music: ILL Profit ‘Drippin’ @illprofit s/o @enew901

After years of hardwork and development, ILL Profit finally decided that Drippin’ would be there official debut Single. Produced in collaboration with King Julius, Drippin’ was specifically chosen for its appeal to both, masculine and feminine energies.

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