Teddie Caine – “Save Somebody”

by / Comments Off on Teddie Caine – “Save Somebody” / 30 View / June 17, 2016

(Chicago, IL) – A lot of times people look down on strippers and people in the streets chasing the fast money, but this time Teddie Cain Jr. is giving music fans another perspective as sings of the need “Save Somebody.”

The song is a follow up to his ESPN 30 for 30 featured song called “Ghetto” that appearing in “The Benji Wilson Story” episode.

While some may think this is a “captain save-a-hoe” record, Teddie Cain Jr. finds a deeper meaning in saving someone and it’s not about the church like some would think on first listen.

According to Teddie Cain Jr., “the song has a few different meanings. You can see the concept of church in there they are talking about them negatively having to save women, but basically I’m coming from the perspective of someone who dated a lot of strippers and not because that’s what I tried to do but with the relationships of me being in the streets we had a lot in common,” Teddie Cain Jr. explained.

In the song Teddie Cain Jr. talks about how he is throwing money in the air for the strippers and saving them so they can achieve their long term goals. Teddy knows from personal experience having dated some of them first hand.

“I chasing money one way and they were chasing money another way, but I had more understanding on dealing with them in a relationship than maybe a normal guy. We were both chasing the fast money but we both had our eye on the prize,” Teddie Cain Jr. said.