This can’t be life: Prodigy Tweets About Loyalty

This can’t be life: Prodigy Tweets About Loyalty

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— — — I really wish that we didn’t have to see Mobb Deep going through all this here. Prodigy went on a lengthy Twitter rant this weekend, but didn’t call out his estranged Mobb Deep bandmate Havoc–despite Havoc’s revelation last week that the group is on hiatus. Havoc admitted last week that he dissed his partner on Twitter several months ago, after initially claiming his account was hacked. Nonetheless, Prodigy did not make any direct reference to Havoc in a series of tweets that referenced loyalty and letting go of the past.

“Jealousy, n*ggas want bullets in my head envy, n***as wanna catch me slippin’, but never that…,” he tweeted. “#HNIC3”

“RT #Scorpios are intensely loyal to those they love and care about,” he continued. “I love the 90’s. but i aint stuck in that mu’f*cka.”

“We aint really wit that talkin’ b*tch we bout that action…” Prodigy added. “S/O to all my followers and infamous lifers who bought that #HNIC3 let em know! S/O to the ppl part of #HNIC3 @mobettabrown @Willie_Day26 @DarealEsther @realwizkhalifa @tip @VaughnAnthony1 @BoogzBoogetz @plaintruthent. S/O to the ppl part of #HNIC3 @Alchemist @schoir1 @beatbutcha @TheColombians @therealhavoc @YoungL_LGND @sidroamsbravo @ohnothedisrupt”

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  1. twitter rant? towards havoc? wrong. not prodigy. p may rant, but never against his so called brother on twitter. let me explain cause you obviously have no common sense. “jelousy niggas want bullets…” is a quote from prodigy’s song SLEEP WHEN IM DEAD. he always quotes diffrent lyrics and the post the videos for the lyrics. even way before havoc’s drunk twitter slander.
    the scorpio tweet is from an astrology twitter page for scorpios. WTF. about 9,000 other people posted that also. so i guess they were talking about havoc too? smh.
    “we aint really wit that talkin..bitch we bout that action” is another quote from a song by cheif keef and lil’ reese called TRAFFIC. prodigy showed them love and posted their new video for that song. thats obviously why he quoted them.. smdh.
    lastly,,,, prodigy gave havoc a fuckin shout out for FEATURING on his H.N.I.C. PT.3 album.
    so dont try to mix prodigy in with all the drunk, lame, fearful, sucker shit havoc has been pulling. havoc is only doing this cause he scared to death of ferg brim. the wanna be gangster blood who came home from jail just before prodigy.

  2. fergie you just furious cause prodigy ain’t scared of you and he cut you off like a cancer tumor. SUPRISE NIGGA!! everybody not scared of you like havoc is. i guess you didnt get the memo while you was locked up sucking blood dicks to survive in jail. when you finally get your head blown off or sent back to jail, guess what….mobb deep will be back to work. prodigy got havoc on time out right now. Lol…p is a super star, you just a super lame.

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    (rebecca clarkson)

  3. nigga please, prodigy looks better, rap’s better, get’s better bitches, is the real criminal out the group, body in waaay better shape, more tatted up, more gangstad up, more money, more multi-talented (books, movies, music), more visible on the web, more visible out in the streets, prodigy is more fearless, more intelligent, more godly, more healthy, more humble, more caring, prodigy is more confident, more loyal, and much more street smart then 20 havoc’s and 30 ferg brim’s. fact not theory.