VA Police Chief Resigns Admist @ChrisBrown Controversy

VA Police Chief Resigns Admist @ChrisBrown Controversy

by / Comments Off on VA Police Chief Resigns Admist @ChrisBrown Controversy / 1 View / February 12, 2013


Chris Brown continues to casue drama to other peoples lives. According to TMZ Virginia Police Chief Bryan Norwood has resigned amid Chris Brown’s probation drama, in which an L.A. District Attorney claims that the R&B singer lied about completing his probation hours, which Norwood signed off on. Norwood also wrote a letter to the court vouching for Chris completing the work.

The Richmond, VA Mayor revealed that he and Norwood came to a “mutual agreement” for his resignation, as it was widely speculated that Norwood would retire to get a similar job in Raleigh, NC. However, some believe the Chris Brown drama fueled his decision.

Chris’ judge in his assault case with Rihanna is currently verifying Chris’ hours, and if things don’t add up his probation could be in violation.