Video: Slim G – The Jungle of Englewood

by / Comments Off on Video: Slim G – The Jungle of Englewood / 8 View / June 7, 2017

Slim G premieres “The Jungle of Englewood”, a documentary-style music video depicting life in his hometown of Chicago.

About Slim G:

Slim “G” was born in Chicago, was raised by his mother and grandmother. He spent his elementary years on the west side of Chicago (birth to 10 years of age). His mother later moved her family to the Englewood area and here is where Slim “G” claims his name.

Slim “G” became interested in music at the age of 9 and began writing lyrics at the age of 14. Some of his musical favorite artists are Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Biggie Small,scarface and DMX. He grew up on the styles of Sam Cook, Marvin Gaye, Barry White and other legendary greats.

He produced 7 albums and wrote over 100 songs. He has collaborated with artist such as Twista, Malik Uself, Johnny P, The Mobsters, Ms Kane, Maurice Mohan, and Bump J. Slim’s rap video debut was to a song he wrote and produced (Black Queen) starring Morris Chestnut.

Slim “G” states that he gets his greatest inspiration from his mother:
“I get my strength from God. God enables me to role with the punches and jump gates. I just don’t believe he brought me this far to leave me.”