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What Are Facts: Donald Trump Tweets Out Anti-Black Propaganda (Photo)

by / 0 Comments / 201 View / November 23, 2015


Donald Trump and his followers have all the fuel in the world right now to ramp up their anti-Black, anti-Immigrant, anti-Islam rhetoric thanks to the recent threats from ISIS and the attack on Paris.

Donald Trump has always been one to take advantage of a situation, decided that he would attempt to take the air out of a brawl that happened between Trump supporters and alleged members of the Black Lives Matter organization

via Gawker

via Gawker

Trump tweeted this supposed, “statistic” as to show where violence is coming from when it comes to race. The problem with the Tweet, it was far from accurate.

Gawker provided accurate stats. You can view those here 

Trump and the truth have never been the best of friends and his lack of accuracy will do nothing to temper the fire that his supporters have for him.

Both of those things are nerve racking.


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