What Did KG Say to Carmello Anthony? (Video Inside)

What Did KG Say to Carmello Anthony? (Video Inside)

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Last night after the Celtics pulled out a win at MSG against the Knicks, rumor has it that Carmello Anthony was found standing outside the Celtics team bus ready to confront Celtic star Kevin Garnett.

During the game, the 2 did get into an altercation in which both players picked up technical fouls, but what would make Melo go so far as to stand outside the team bus in hopes that KG would come outside? Word on the street is that KG told Melo during the game that his wife, Lala, tasted like honey nut Cheerios. Yes! Honey nut Cheerios.

Knicks Coach Mike Woodson denied that Melo went to confront KG, but MSG reported that security had to be deployed to break-up the fight. Celtic coach, Doc Rivers made light of the situation saying that “”I’m going to let you all figure that one out. I’m going to stay out of that,” Rivers said. “If it was the playoffs I’d tell on him, but since it’s not I’m going to just be quiet.”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77XpjlQTBsI]

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