Do DJs Who Have Dogs Make Better Music?

Being a DJ isn’t an easy thing because they need a solid knowledge in different things like the manipulation of the digital and physical equipment that will provide the control of the music and also, the lyrics and style of the music are important to provide a good rhythm and calibration of the sound. In the world of DJs, there are lots of competence because there are lots of DJs but not too many concerts, for that reason, they try to do the best on the field, and while their job can be thought and difficult some of them count with man’s best friend, a dog! And that provides a lot of benefits to their careers, but it’s true that DJs who have dogs make better music? To discover the answer stay tuned to the next explanation.


Dogs provide a lot of wonderful and enjoyable moments to their owners, giving a lot of self-esteem and confidence to work harder and to maintain a peaceful mind while they want to be better professionals, for that reason, in some countries it’s said that those who want to become a better person and professional without losing their humanity and heart, a dog will be the best solution because they will be always there for your love and dedication, they will not share your secrets and the best thing of everything, is the fact that they don’t care about your degrees, reputation or physical characteristics, they care about you because you are the one who treats it like a champ.

To answer the particular question, it’s certainly true that most famous DJs have at least one dog in their home, and while that makes them more loveable, it doesn’t mean that they magically have better knowledge that the rest of the professional DJs, however, at some point they will have more energy and passion because there will be always who will support them in every situation without asking anything in change, which makes it more profitable when we talk about businesses.


It doesn’t matter if you’re an engineer, a chef, or a DJ, you should always look for a pet which can be either a dog or if you’re more specific then why not a cat? However, you should be aware of something important and is the fact that pets like dogs can’t be treated automatically, you need to be there for them to be happy and to maintain healthier. If you’re a DJ who doesn’t spend too much time in your home or in where your dog will be located, then what’s the point? On the other hand, if you do count with enough time to enjoy quality time with your canine friend, then go for it! There are lots of dog breeds that counts with different characteristic depending on your lifestyle, behavior, and even taste, you won’t be disappointed at any moment for your decision! Look at Marshmellow, a famous DJ who counts with a dog and have time for their followers, concerts and for their best friends, a great example to follow.