What Makes A Good DJ?

There are several attributes that one needs to have to become a good DJ. They include the following;


Passion is everything in what you do. A good DJ has a passion and love for music. With the right attitude, success will come to your way. A Dj puts everything in the career to be a success. A DJ should eat drink and sleep music because its what lights them up. With all the energy directed to music, the crowd will love and move to their music, and this is so inspiring to any DJ and gives them confidence.

Open to others

A good and confident DJ should always be ready to help. People who admire you or have the same passion for music need the already established DJ to hold their hand. Be kind and offer the necessary help required. Some DJs may be overwhelmed with fame and forget where they came from and treat others differently. A good DJ should not be egocentric with their skill. It should be an avenue to inspire and lift other people.


A unique DJ means that you have identified yourself and stood out among the rest. Competent and creativity is what makes unique. Coming up with new skills brings spice in the game identifies you in a particular way.

Audience understanding

A DJ should know the environment and understand what the audience needs. With different events and occasions, people will require different types of music. The music played at a wedding is so different from that played at a college party. It is the type of music that a DJ plays that set the mood of any event. It is essential to know that as a DJ you, the kind of music you play can kill a party or glow it. It is still crucial for a DJ to note and observe the crowd and note whether they are enjoying the music or getting bored, and if you observe that you are losing your crowd, act quickly by mixing songs that will draw them back.

Be Creative.

To become a great DJ, you have to be creative. It is worth noting that basic skills will not make you a great DJ and will probably not get you to the next level. Try and be unique and creative as possible. This will help you learn new skills and techniques, which will result in creating a unique sound that can get people up and on to the dance floor.

Creativity is something that cannot be taught but can be learned and improved over time. The key to being creative is always trying new things while simultaneously trying to feel the music. This is the only way you can create your original sounds that becomes your identity.

Be open to critics.

To become a great DJ, you must be open to criticism. It helps you learn the mistakes you make and improve every time. Taking criticism positively will help you improve significantly. It is wise treating every critic you receive as constructive feedback and use it to identify the areas you need to improve upon. That way, you will develop and become a great DJ.