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Our new album is out which has a combination of the soul as well as pop which will trance you in its music allowing you to bring out the best in yourself. Our new album is heavily inspired by our daily life struggles and the ways we try to overcome it.
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J Bles – Finessin

An individual who revolutionise the way we enjoy disco music to the millennial and who is actively trying to be the change.


Ferow – Runnin

With the skills that he possesses he can make any one grove to his music. He has some of the best albums which can bring the life back to the party.

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We are a group of individuals who love music, and we want to make sure that like-minded people have the right opportunity to get themselves started on the right kind of music with some of our best recommendations.


Tools You Need To Keep Your Nightclub Clean

Maintaining your nightclub in the hygienic condition is imperative to creating the right ambiance. The best way is to have the right set of tools.

Have you ever wondered about the tools you need to keep your nightclub clean?

Do not worry. We will today share five such tools, which are a must-have to maintain your nightclub.

1. Pressure Washer


The pressure washer is one of the most versatile tools which you can use to maintain your nightclub. It can allow you to not just clean countertops platforms, sinks but also remove grime as well as other sticky substances from any surface.

Sure enough, your nightclub would have a kitchen and bar area. Spilling of drinks or falling morsels is pretty standard in both of these areas. While you can wipe it clean but that is not always possible when the nightclub is packed to the hilt.

By the time you start cleaning it at the end of the night, the entire surface can become sticky. In that case, instead of wasting your time trying to wipe it again and again, you should use a pressure washer.

The pressure washer will help you clean it in a jiffy. It is suitable for a variety of hard surfaces that can help you maintain the kitchen area, and the counter is in perfect condition.

That is why it is number 1 on our list and one of the essential tools which you would need.

2. Vacuum Cleaner

Do you have rugs and carpets in your nightclub?

Have any other surface which you cannot spray water on?

If your answer is yes for both these questions, a vacuum cleaner can come in handy. It will help you remove dust, debris, and other contaminants in a relatively short time. Moreover, it can reach every nook and cranny of your nightclub.

Once you clean your nightclub with a vacuum cleaner, the entire area will be ready to use. The quick turnaround time and the ability to remove any debris is the reason why a vacuum cleaner is a must-have tool to keep your nightclub clean.

3. Floor Mop

The good old floor mop is not out of fashion. It can come in particularly handy in the areas around the restroom. It is always a perfect tool to have by your side, even if only for backup.

4. Sanitizer Solution

If you have a floor mop, you would need a cleaning solution as well. A bleach-based sanitizer solution is a perfect option that you can go with. It will not only help you remove the stains and contaminants but also disinfect areas.

In case you are wondering which one you should choose, there are quite a few options available. Fortunately, most of them have similar properties, and therefore choosing one is not a difficult task.

5. Broom

When everything else fails, it is advisable to have a Broom by your side. It is the ultimate backup that you need to have in your nightclub.

Sure enough, it can be a lifesaver in that case. It is more of a backup rather than an active cleaning tool.

So, it is time to build a proper army of tools to keep your nightclub clean. These five tools can certainly help you do so. Our guide above can aid you in maintaining your nightclub in creating the right ambiance for the patrons.

Tips for DJs to Improve their Game


The art of DJing tends to be a different talent of sorts. Through techniques, methods and steps, individual DJs develop the process and move on to headline international events. The process is simple to learn but hard to follow if you wish to make it a career. But you can always find a means to improve it. By employing the right kind of steps, you can push your audience to discover unique beats and raise the bar for music. So to help you out, we have already put together steps in the form of tips. Hence, follow these tips to improve your process of DJing.

1. The Flexibility Quotient

A distinctive feature of top DJs is the fact that they are quite flexible. By all means, they tend to stick to their style and put their heart and soul into the process. They try to be specific in their approach, and that works well for significant events. People love to hear a different kind of music, and they will dance as long as it promotes them too. So your step along the process needs to be to develop your style and stick to it. Once you are able to perfect the same, results tend to pour in.

2. Practice


Regardless of the genre or process, nothing will make sense if you fail to practice. By spending hours in concentration, you will be able to bring out errors and common mistakes. Towards the end, your set tends to be purified, and your audience will manage to keep coming out in large numbers. This is also one of the main reasons why every professional tells an amateur to practice before they reach the stage.

3. Your Audience

Every DJ needs to know his/her audience. They need to be aware of the size of the venue and the type of people that might show up. By having such information in hand, you can improve your set to a large extent. The explorative kind of music can be set aside for the young ones and classics for the rest. By doing so, your set will be unique, and people will love it. If a positive word of mouth follows, then you can be assured to have the right start for your career.

4. Programming

Ask any professional, and he/she will tell you all about the importance of programming. The unique flow and the overall feel of the set need to be programmed in such a manner so that you never lose your audience. They need to follow the process, and that task is up to you. Be it different beats or groovy music; it needs to touch the audience and make them go crazy.